External Loads

External Hoist Operation
SB number : SB-EC135-85T-059 (R0)
Applicable to version(s) : T1,T2, P1, P2, P2+, T2+
New Regulation for HEC (Human External Cargo) operation from November 1st, 2014
Airbus Helicopters focuses on operators performing external hoist operations. The main intention of this TIP with Reply Form Sheet (RFS) is to inform operators about the commission regulation (EU) No. 965/2012 entered into force, respectively the end of its transition phase in October 2014. Operators should by then satisfy the airworthiness criteria for human external cargo (HEC) operations e.g. in CS27.865. The current external hoist system was certified according to JAR 27 first Issue, prior to issuing the airworthiness requirements for HEC.
According to the AMC1 SPA.HHO.110(a), each operator can contact his competent authority to request an authorization to continue his operations. Some operators have contacted Airbus Helicopters and requested an OEM solution. The hoist system installed on production helicopter has been adjusted to the latest certification rules (CS 27 Amdt 2), which introduce new requirements to allow HEC operations. Airbus Helicopters proposes this solution as a retrofit.
The external hoist system will be certified in two steps
- Reworked / redesigned fixed provisions for the external hoist system were certified for HEC at the end of 2013 (to be requested by the customer via reply form sheet, to be applied to the a/c by Service Bulletin)
- Certification of the hoist for HEC Class D operation in accordance with CS27 Amdt 2 (incl. helicopter performance and system fatigue) by October 2014

Currently approved HEC operation shall not be invalidated by introducing the new fixed provisions through minor change (to be confirmed by the competent authority).

Ref: commission regulation (EU) No. 965/2012 and its guidance material AMC (acceptable means of compliance) and GM (guidance material) to Part SPA (specialized approval)
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On Request

On Request

On Request


  • Possibility to standardize hoist installations in mixed fleets
  • Compliance with the criteria for HEC operation defined in the AMC.SPA.HHO.110 (CS27.865 Amdt 2)
  • No discussion with authorities to achieve approval of HEC operations


All EC135/EC635 P2+/T2+ with fixed provisions for external hoist. Not compatible with EC135 T1/P1, EC635 T1, compatibility to be confirmed for EC135 T2/P2. Not compatible with the rope down device.

Avionic, Electrical On Request
Airframe, Structure On Request
Shop, Composites On Request
Paint On Request

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :  Complex sheet metal installation (Airbus Helicopter supervision for at least the first helicopter and Part 145 certified maintenance station necessary).  The SB covers the replacement of the existing fixed provisions for external hoists which is possible on the left and/or right hand side of the helicopter.  A specific alignment device is necessary to perform the installation. It is available on rental basis.  Estimated installation time per helicopter is approx. 25 working days (one side installation).  Estimated downtime for the installation per helicopter is approx. 30 working days (one side installation).  The SB describes only the conversion from the existing to the new reinforced fixed provisions. It is not applicable for the retrofit of the complete external hoist installation. Certification Features:  Airbus Helicopters will issue Service Bulletins: SB 135-085-059: to enable EASA Part 145 certified operators to retrofit the new fixed provisions for external hoists, under supervision of Airbus Helicopters. SB 135-085-061: to enable mounting all versions of the hoist detachable parts to the new fixed parts.  The kits will be available from September 2014. Installation dates to be confirmed upon request.

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