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Admissible Maximum Take-Off Weight 2950kg (E-version)
SB number : SB-135-62-028
Applicable to version(s) : According to Service Bulletin
Higher payload by increasing the maximum take-off weight.
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland proposes the increase of the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) to 2950 kg. Thus, the payload is increased by up to 40 kg and can be used for operations in low altitudes (see flight manual FLM and Supplements FMS). An important content is the improvement of the main rotor system by installing a new generation of lead-lag dampers in the main rotor blades.
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  • Increased range
  • Take off with an additional payload of up to 40 kg. Carrying of additional optional equipment
  • GM above 2910 kg: max. Operating Altitude 8000 ft (PA)
  • GM above 2910 kg: max. Altitude 6000 ft (DA) for Hover IGE, Take-off and Landing
  • CAT A VTOL II (Short Field) up to 2950 kg, CAT A VTOL III (Confined Heliport) up to 2950 kg
  • CAT A Clear Heliport up to 2950 kg


Effective for all EC135 T2+ / EC135 P2+ and EC635 T2+ / EC635 P2+ with an admissible maximum take-off weight of 2910 kg (helicopter S/N i.a.w. the "Effectivity Sheet"). When the helicopter is operated, the limitations given in the applicable flight manual (FLM) and in the Supplements (FMS) must be respected. If the helicopter versions T2 or P2 are to be retrofitted, Service Bulletin EC135-71-033 has to be accomplished before Service Bulletin EC135-62-028 is accomplished. By way of this Service Bulletin the helicopters are retrofitted to version T2+ or P2+. Compliance is optional.

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