EC130 & H130
Cargo Pods "Squirrel Cheeks"
Applicable to version(s) : B4, T2
This installation increases the helicopter cargo compartments.
The Cargo Pods increase the volume of both the left hand (LH) and right hand (RH) cargo compartments. They can be installed individually or in pairs. The composite material pod has a hinged door which opens widely for easy access to the storage area and is held open by a gas strut. The door fastens securely for flight with three positive latches. The installation also includes a door open warning annunciator. The upper portion of the cargo pod surface includes an excellent standing area for maintenance activities. The fuel filler and EPU access are unaffected. The cargo pods are ideal for utility missions, tourism and corporate passenger transport.

+19.9 kg


9 day(s)


  • Increases the cargo load capacity by 35% over the standard EC130 cargo compartment.
  • Eases access to the engine deck and provides a good maintenance platform.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Dual or single installation.


Not Applicable.


TCCA SH14-31
EASA 10054591
DGAC Mexico IA-292/2014
ANAC 2015S07-10

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Finished in primer: Must be painted after installation. Cargo area increased by 0.15 m² and cargo volume by 0.1 m³ on each side.

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