ADSB-Out Activation Procedure H/C post 2010
SB number : EC225-34C038 (R5)
Applicable to version(s) : LP
Bring the helicopter to AMC20-24 and DO-260-A standards by enabling the ADSB-Out function through FDS (Flight Display System) application software change of the PU (Processing Units) from version V5.11 to V5.11A and through a wiring environment modification.
The ADS-B Out is a system designed to improve air traffic management. This system is provided especially for surveillance in a non radar-controlled environment. The ADS-B Out transmits periodically the helicopters parameters, supplied by the airborne equipment to the ATC (Air Traffic Control) ground stations without any pilot action. The message transmitted by the ADS-B Out includes parameters such as the position (latitude, longitude, altitude), the speed (horizontal and vertical) and the heading.
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On Request

On Request

2 day(s)


  • Position reports by voice no longer required for identified ADS-B aircraft.
  • Weather radar through flight flight information service-broadcast (FIS-B).
  • Broadcast terrain overlay.
  • ADS-B ground stations cheaper to install and operate compared to primary and secondary radar systems.


HC equipped with: - TDR94D-409 transponder complying with DO-260A standard - a control panel "CTL 92E" - a CMA 9000 Flight Management Computer (2 computers in case of dual FMS configuration) with application software V310J or on which Service Bulletin No. 34-034 was complied - a CMA 3024 GPS (Global Positioning System) or a CMA 5024 GPS (2 receivers in case of dual GPS configuration) - PUs with AHCAS (Advanced Helicopter Cockpit Avionics System) FDS software V5.11 or on which Service Bulletin No. 34-012 was complied

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Position reports by voice no longer required for identified ADS-B aircraft.

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