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MT Vision Air™ Moving Map System
Applicable to version(s) : B
The Moving Terrain-MT Vision Air provides for VFR-operation only additional Navigation information on a coloured LC-Display.
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH proposes the installation of Moving Terrain-MT Vision Air. It is a stand-alone Multifunction Display (MFD) with a brilliant Display performance. The GPS signal is provided by its own independent antenna. The Moving Map display is equipped with pilot friendly original ICAO charts which can be expanded to the full IFR Range and also to Airport Approach Charts. Thanks to the Multi-Layer Technology it’s possible (depending on the existing Helicopter Equipment) to have ACAS information, FLIR, Video, TAWS information, Synthetic Relief View and Flight Plan information on the Display. Using the Airbus Helicopters Installation Kit, the new Display will be integrated in Aircraft Manufacturer Quality.

+1.4 kg


10 day(s)


  • Brilliant Display Performance
  • Enhanced safety as the system saves valuable seconds in critical phases due to the automatic tracking on the map
  • Modular Software and Performance technique, tailored to pilot’s needs


With the assumption that there is no other installation allocated left beside the instrument panel, the Moving Map Installation is applicable to every H120 (EC120) Helicopter. In case of incompatibility due to already existing other equipment on the cockpit panel we offer a Display installation on the RH of the Glare-Shield.


EASA.21J.383 SK-MIC-108

Avionics 5 Day(s)
Mechanics 5 Day(s)

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