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Sagem™ Dual Glass Cockpit with Autopilot
Applicable to version(s) : B
The Dual Glass SAGEM ICDS-8 (Integrated Cockpit Display System) with Autopilot.
The Dual Glass SAGEM ICDS-8 (Integrated Cockpit Display System) with Autopilot replaces the conventional instrumentation and provides a stability augmentation and autopilot system in addition. For realization, a rework of the panel assembly has to be performed. The multiple - display screens (eight-inch LCD) provide primary flight and navigation data on the Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Moving Map, as well as other advisory information on the Multi-Function Display (MFD). Only the left display can be switched from PFD to MFD mode.
The system also provides a navigational interface to the autopilot system. Navigation mode GPS is provided by the GNS430 to the Autopilot System via the Pilot ICDS-8 and the PFD-35 unit.
The VFR autopilot system is a Two-Axis Automatic Flight Control System, that provides long-term pitch and roll attitude hold, transparent handling, a full-time stability augmentation system (SAS) and automatic trim. It also is equipped with coupled or upper modes such as altitude hold, vertical speed or airspeed via the longitudinal axis and selected heading or GPS track via the lateral axis. The system is approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) STC (Supplemental Type Certificate). The autopilot will mainly be operated by a seamless AP-control panel in the centre console.
The air data unit (PFD-35) is connected to the existing Pitot Static System and has its own OAT probe. Airspeed, OAT and pressure altitude information are transmitted to the display by means of the PFD-35. The Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) is located in the rear avionic compartment. It provides attitude and heading information. In case of failure, conventional standby instruments (airspeed, altitude and attitude) are provided.

+16.3 kg


60 day(s)


  • Combination of information formerly presented on numerous mechnaical displays, indicators and annunciators and presentation of important information to pilot and copilot during flight.
  • Enhancement of the operational characteristic with emphasis on pilot workload, mission reliability and flight safety by the Autopilot


Due to the complexity of the modification, a pre-buy inspection has to be performed to check the actual AC-configuration (e.g. a need of standby 2,5" instruments). Prerequisite for kit installation is: Airbus Helicopters Service Bulletin No. 67-019 must be performed on AC S/N: - Lower than 1431 - 8001 to 8020



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