External Loads

Variable Speed 75m Hydraulic Hoist
SB number : AS332-25.03.10 (R0)
Applicable to version(s) : C1e
This upgrade provides for hoisting up or down, in hovering flight, people or loads up to 272 kg (600 lbs) over a height up to 75 m. The hoisting up or down speed is variable from 0 to 0.9 m/s.

This upgrade consists in a tubular support connected to the helicopter structure via three dedicated fittings, to which it is attached through three quick release pins :
- install of the 75-m hydraulic hoist,
- install of the hoist grip harness,
- install of the hoist external harness,
- install of the cutter and squib.
This hydraulically operated winch is used to hoist persons or cargo up or down. It is attached to an external arm assembly integral with the structure, above the RH sliding door.

Maximum Load : 272 kg / 600 lb
Cable Lenght : 75 m / 246 ft
Up&Down Speeds : up to 0.9 m/sec / 196 ft/min

Automatic stop at the end of the travel.
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43 kg

181.9 m.kg

1.5 day(s)


Helicopters post-MOD 0723840 (Hoist cutter - Fixed Part of hoist cutter), post-MOD 0726852 (Upgrade of MK1 optional equipment for MK1E - version. CTE) and pre-MOD 332P001088.02 (Validation of Mobile parts of the Goodrich Hoist on AS332 C1).

Airframe 6 Hour(s)
Electrical 4 Hour(s)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : No cycle limitation.

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