HELISAFE™: Flight Data Monitoring and Transmitting System
Applicable to version(s) : N N1 N2 N3
Increasing your flight performance ans safety while decreasing costs.
Save time and money with this all in one box, including HFDM, HOMP, FOQA, Tracking and automatic data transmission through cellular network, WIFI, Bluetooth.
Save crews workload with the automatic data storage, data transmission, and data analysis, and with automatic alarms (anticipated alarms and alarms [SMS and emails]).
Save money and increase efficiency of your Company due to:
- human factor no more involved from storage to alarm,
- anticipated alarms,
- alarms in flight through Iridium,
- mechanical and operations automatically checked,
- 3D flight visualisation, for replay, training, and analysis
- trending,
- statistics,
- and direct downloading in OEM or (and) Operators Software.
Options : SAT antenna (PN4206)

+1.4 kg

On Request

3 day(s)


  • Greater insight into the flight operation
  • Fully automatic transmission at landing
  • Facilitate and decrease the pilots workload : No action during flight ;automatic start and stop, recording on appearance of N1, automatic warning on thresholds exceeded
  • Unlimited triggers
  • A valuable milestone for predictive maintenance
  • Adapted to every operator organization
  • e-TLB ready
  • Website (accessible anywhere at anytime)
  • Services evolutivity
  • Effective and proactive support services


EASA 10046224

Avionic, Electrical 16 Hour(s)
Airframe 16 Hour(s)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : This product is designed, manufactured and warranted by ISEI. ISEI keeps full responsibility for its own product type design definition (configuration, definition, necessary changes and continuing airworthiness). The user of this product is responsible for checking that the product is compatible with the helicopter on which it will be installed (prerequisites, safety, and airworthiness requirements) and that such certification(s) are acceptable to its competent airworthiness authority.

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