External Loads

Goodrich™ Electrical Hoist (272 kg/600 lb)
SB number : AS365-25-60-01 (R00)
Applicable to version(s) : N3
For missions such as rescue work, hoisting up or lowering loads or personnel. The category 1 hoist is fitted with a translating drum and a fixed cable guide, for improved efficiency during hoisting operations (reduction of cable movements due to fixed reference point, winding up regularity improvement reducing cable blocking risks).
Installation of a hoist for lifting heavy loads at a speed and height greater than those of the CAT 2 hoist. The Goodrich Category 1 electrical hoist installation, on Dauphin family has been certified under FAR29.865 amdt 43 for both Class “B” and “D” of rotorcraft load combination.
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+66 kg

On Request

4 day(s)


  • Increase the maximum rated load to 272 kg/ 600 lb.
  • The hoist can be used continously with maximum load.
  • Possible faster rescue operation.
  • DMC reduction.
  • Possible cable tilting up to 45°.
  • For helicopters already equipped with a hoist, the tubular structure is kept.


Version(s) N3 equiped by class2 FP hoist in POST MOD OP2288 and PRE MOD OP45C76, OP45C72 and 0745C82. Applicable to helicopters equipped with Cat. 2 or Cat. 1 hoist Fixed Part. Incompatible with VIP versions, helicopters equipped with stretcher, medical mobile part or swing-doors. Input power: 28 VDC.

Avionic, Electrical 10 Hour(s)
Airframe, Structure 7 Hour(s)
Airframe, Systems 7 Hour(s)

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