Vision 1000 Cockpit Camera
SB number : SB EC135-31-070 (R0)
Applicable to version(s) : According to Service Bulletin
Recording of positioning data, cockpit imagery
and ambient noises
Airbus Helicopters proposes the retrofit of a Vision 1000 cockpit camera. The Vision 1000 is a cockpit imaging and flight data monitoring device and is installed on the center post. The system captures critical inertial and GPS positioning data as well as cockpit imagery and ambient noises. The flight data, imagery and noises are stored on a crash-hardened memory module as well as on a removable SD HC card for use in the management and visualization program.
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On Request

On Request


  • Increased operational safety - Can be used to replay the flight scenarios during training
  • Recording of positioning data (location, altitude, etc.)
  • Recording of cockpit imagery (instrument panel, flight controls, partial exterior view) and ambient noises
  • Analysis of recorded data with the management and visualization software (included)
  • Additional 3D software available at (not included)


Effective for all S/N. Incompatible with EC135 "Hermes". Compliance is optional.

Avionic, Electrical 30 Hour(s)
Airframe, Systems 25 Hour(s)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Removable Flash Memory - SDHC card, storage capacity: 16 GB, Storage time: 4 hours image/audio/GPS/inertial On-Board Flash Memory - storage capacity: 8 GB, Storage time: 2 hours image/audio/GPS/inertial Note: When the maximum storage capacity is reached, the older data will be overwritten.

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