Weather Radar RDR 2000
SB number : Cover Service Bulletin (EC135-34-038/01)
Applicable to version(s) : On request
Detecting critical weather
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland proposes the retrofit of the Honeywell RDR 2000 weather radar. This device is designed to detect thunderstorms and other critical weather phenomena up to a distance of 240 NM. The system consists of a 10'' antenna, the ART 2000 Receiver/Transmitter and the configuration module. The weather intensity can be displayed in four different colours on stand-alone screens. The RDR 2000 is equipped with the "Vertical Profile" function. It is not only possible to monitor the horizontal expansion of a weather phenomenon but also the vertical shape of it.
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On Request

On Request

On Request


  • Increased awareness of weather situation
  • Increased safety during operations


Landing lights have to be relocated. No metallic paint is allowed in the area of the nose cover. Short time covers and fast track holder are not considered. Wether a retrofit can be carried out or not depends on the helicopter's configuration and will be verified with the reply form sheet. Compliance is optional.

Avionic, Electrical On Request
Airframe, Systems On Request
Airframe, Structure On Request
Paint On Request

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : The retrofit offered can only be accomplished by Airbus Helicopters Deutschland, an Airbus Helicopters Deutschland service station or a service station authorized by Airbus Helicopters Deutschland. A general Service Bulletin will not be published. The following procedure applies: The Reply Form Sheet must be completed and submitted, a quote is then prepared and after the order has been received, a helicopter-specific Service Bulletin (Cover Service Bulletin) will be created. The Cover Service Bulletin will be identified with the TIP number plus a suffix after the issue sequence number, e.g. "01" for the first Cover Service Bulletin (EC135-34-038/01). This will only apply to the subject service station and specific helicopter S/N. The installation is then carried out by Airbus Helicopters Deutschland or the approved service station and released i.a.w. the Service Bulletin.

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